Pringles Parve Potato Chips

Date Code/ Status: See Below Depending on Ingredients

Wheat Derivatives: Packing Date Code: LOT 1213 or L1213 (LOT or L=unimportant,1=2021, 213=August 1).
Wheat Starch: Status: Yoshon

Applies to all sizes (including Grab & Go, Snack Stacks, and Mega Packs) of Pringles Original, Original in Reduced Fat or Lightly Salted, Wavy Classic Salted, and some cans of Honey Mustard. (Some cans of Honey Mustard are actually Dairy.)
Note: Make sure to check all Pringles for a hechsher. Some flavors may not be kosher.

Updated As Of:
August 26, 2021

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Brands: Pringles



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Guide to Chodosh

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038000138416, 038000138850, 038000150364, 038000169663, 038000172595, 038000202278, 038000845246, 038000845772, 038000851872, 03808306, 03813009, 06400118, 038000138812, 038000165276, 038000845512