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The Yoshon Network Inc. (TYNI) was designed to help people keep the mitzvah as easily as possible.
One of these goals was to make a network of “Yoshon Keepers” throughout the US and the world, so that traveling families or or singles could still keep yoshon on the road or at their destinations. Our Yoshon Establishments page can help with restaurants, as kashrut agencies in various locations list local restaurants and bakeries that they oversee.
We have ever-growing lists of contacts in many states and countries. See the “Yoshon Contacts” page for more details.
Other resources are Yoshon Gemachs or Exchanges, which provide yoshon products, usually at cost.

Of course, our biggest most well-known offering is, an online searchable database to help yoshon consumers find the information they need. With the addition of our Mobile App, it makes finding products a breeze. Simply scan the UPC barcode, and if we have information on it, it will come up immediately.

Whether you’re interested in starting your own group, gemach or exchange, or simply providing hospitality to visiting yoshon families, see below.
If you are traveling to a city somewhere in the US, go to “US” menu in Yoshon Contacts. If you live elsewhere or are planning to travel abroad, go to the “Around the World” menu.

Create A Yoshon Group or Gemach

What is a Yoshon Group or Gemach? If you have run out of a certain yoshon product item prematurely, or have too much of something, what do you do? A local yoshon group, gemach or exchange can help fill this need. Check our listings to see if there is one in your area, or contact others if you plan to travel. Most likely there will be someone who knows an answer to your question.

Would you like to connect with other yoshon families? Create a local yoshon group in your area and keep track of all the families on record (preferably offline). List your group’s contact info on our site to share with out-of-town visitors. Our site will keep track of the groups and post the group’s contact info online in our “Yoshon Contacts” page. The groups can then provide matches so that every family’s privacy is protected.

Private information is never sold, and will not be shared with anyone other than affiliates of The Yoshon Network Inc. (TYNI). Here are some tips on how to start your own:

  • Create an email-based group for all the yoshon families in your area. This is great when someone is out of an item or has too much of something.
  • Stock up on extra items that may be needed in your community. This is great if someone is making a Kiddush for a simcha and yoshon families would like to attend.
  • Make sure to record the price of an item that is borrowed or lent or exchanged, to avoid any problem of charging interest. Also record the date so you can keep track of it and replace it later if that is what is agreed upon.
  • Keep a list handy of all the yoshon families you know in your area for visiting out-of-town yoshon-keepers to partake in meals.

Please notify the Yoshon Network about your group to become posted as a contact in your area. If you would prefer to not have your own personal information online, simply list your name and group in care of your local kashrut agency or a rabbi (with their permission) to become the “middleman” for your group.

Become A Hospitality Contact:

If you don’t want to start a yoshon group but would like to become a contact for Shabbat or Yom Tov hospitality, please contact us as well. We’ll keep you on record (offline) if someone contacts us. We’ll notify you to see if you are available at that time, or ask permission to release your info to them and then you both can get in touch with each other. It’s a great way to meet new people, make new friends, and help promote the mitzvah of yoshon!

Send Us Your Required Contact Information: Whether you’re starting a yoshon group, want to find or provide hospitality, we’d love to hear from you! Please send us your name, address or location, your email address and/or phone number, the name of your group, a Rabbi of reference and his email address. Send your information to: Info @ Yoshon Network . org.

Companies with Yoshon Products:

Companies wishing to display their yoshon, kosher grain-based, or gluten-free products on our site must send us all of the pertinent information for review. Products must meet the following guidelines:

  • Each individual product must include its ingredient list
  • The hashgacha (Kosher certification agency and its symbol)
  • The shelf life information
  • UPC(s) and all available sizes (if applicable)
  • Preferably a picture with the entire product visible. Catalogs or product spec sheets are welcome.

The Yoshon Network reserves the right to reject any product, and/or to consult with other unaffiliated organizations such as kashrut agencies and Project Chodosh, to confirm and/or share information.

Updated As Of:
November 1, 2023