The Official Mobile App is Available on both Google Play and the App Store!

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If you are interested in the Survey Stats from the app survey we had recently, the results are posted at the bottom of this page.

The Mobile App User's Guide

The Mobile App has an interactive pdf User’s Manual. It can be used to access purchasing the App itself, it explains installation, how to use it, and has a troubleshooting guide. It includes full-color pictures. It can also be downloaded and printed for convenience. 

To download the User’s Guide, click on the button.

Meet the App!

Are you ready for something exciting?! We have it!

The Official Mobile App!

Here are some of the incredible features, that we are so excited about:

  • Built-in lightning-fast UPC Bar Code  scanning capability, to automatically search for an exact product match.
  • Get instant yoshon status and date codes on over 2,350 product entries, and over 9,000 UPCs.
  • Manual searching is still available.
  • Safe, Secure and Kosher.
  • Create a “Favorite Products” list to check on your frequently used items with the tap of your finger.
  • Check the categories list to find like-kind product substitutions while at the store.
  • Built-in kosher browser access to’s articles, download pdf updates, and many resources.
  • Instant access for questions to the WhatsApp private messaging and texting.
  • User’s Guide (Available below).

The home screen will display Recently Updated products. 

Our app features so many ways to get to the categories. If you need to access’s resources like pdf downloads of yoshon lists from various kashrus agencies or other updates, it is all accessible to you from the app!

Our lightning-fast scanner is the best feature of the whole app!  Simply tap on the Scan button and point your phone’s camera at a UPC barcode. It will take you to that exact product that is on our website. 

It totally eliminates misspellings and fat-fingering on phones that have smaller screens and keyboards.

If we have the info on our site, it will come up! — It almost eliminates the need for manual searches, with the exception of items that we have not gotten a UPC for, or sometimes general items like certain baked goods that are bought in different quantities. Once scanned, the product entry will show its date code or status, and if your package’s date is before the one shown on the app, you will know it is yoshon!

Your very own customizable grocery Favorites List! For those who buy specific items repeatedly, this is a “must-have” feature!
From the “My Favorites” (Favs button) screen, search for your product, and save it as a “Favorite”, by clicking on the small heart icon (found in the upper right corner of each product entry). Once this is done, it saves it instantly to your Favorites List!

The next time you want to go shopping for that item, go to your Favorites list by tapping on the “Favs” button at the bottom. It will bring up the “My Favorites” screen, where you can click on that product to bring it up. Then, rescan that product’s UPC, and it will bring up the current information immediately. It is that easy, and makes shopping for yoshon items a breeze! 

To contact us, choose the WhatsApp private chat. 

With over 2,350 product entries and over 9,000 UPCs, (and these numbers are constantly growing), there are plenty of items to choose from that we have yoshon information on. We hope that you will find our exciting new app to be something you just can’t live without!

Illegal/Bootleg Copies of the App

When something good comes along, there are always those who try to exploit it for their own gain. Just to note, there are websites that have reverse engineered our app and offer it for free. Not only is this considered theft according to Torah Law, but it is quite possible that these “free” copies can lack security, not work properly, damage your phone, or potentially contain malware or worse. (“Free” may come with a huge cost in the long run!)

We will only support the app when bought from the official App Store or Google Play. It comes with lifetime maintenance and updates, that is what you are paying for. When purchased from the app stores, it is guaranteed to be safe and secure.

Survey Results

Before the App was released, we took a survey of what features people were interested in. Below were the results…

Survey Results: Total Responses: 188 (1 repeat not counted, and 3 bogus names/emails not counted)

Question 1: What features would you like to see in our App?
(A) Scan UPC Bar Code – 101
(B) Favorites List – 2
(C) Access – 0
(D) Be Safe, Secure, Kosher – 1
(E) All of the Above- 84

Question 2: How much would you be willing to pay for everything listed in Question 1?
(A) I would Never Pay for An App – 29
(B) Between $2.99-$7.99- 108
(C) I would pay whatever it takes to keep the Mitzvah51

Question 3: Do you have, or plan to get a “Kosher Phone”?
(A) Yes  – 40
(B) No – 148

Question 4 (For Answer of 3B): Would you commit to downloading the App?
(A) Yes, I want it ASAP – 112
(B) Yes, I want it Eventually – 29
(C) No, I can’t commit – 7

Updated As Of:
May 30, 2024