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We Would Love to Hear from You! Questions? Our chatbot YAIR (pictured below) can answer most questions. It answers most questions, and can direct you to where you need to go. Also, if you want to know yoshon status on a product, try these helpful tips before contacting us: Please do a search for your product first! We have limited staff. If it appears on our site, click on “Read More”. If there is a list of products, check to see if your item is highlighted. That may help answer your question. If a product is not on our website, we usually do not have any information on it!

Note: We DO NOT sell, distribute, or make products, nor do we know the locations of stores that sell them. Please contact the manufacturer of your product for purchasing information or complaints.


Please TEXT us. We do not have volunteer phone staff, and there will be delays of possibly up to a week in getting an answer to your questions. We will attempt to text back first if at all possible. 

If you must, leave a message with a detailed question and your phone number. We definitely will not answer calls without a known reason for calling. 
Please speak slowly and clearly. If your message cannot be understood, we can’t call back. Please allow up to one week to be answered. It is far quicker to text or to use the WhatsApp chat messaging.

Texts and What’sApp Number:
7325-YOSHON (Lakewood, NJ)

Note: “Unknown Callers” will be blocked. Solicitations of any kind will not be answered and their phone numbers and/ or email addresses will be blocked.

Email and Mailing Address

info @ Yoshon Network . org

Mailing Address: 
The Yoshon Network Inc.
18402 N 19th Ave Ste 342
Phoenix, AZ 85023-1361


Although our business phone number has a Lakewood, NJ area code, our main headquarters is in Arizona (Arizona MST). In summer, we are 3 hours behind the East coast, and 2 hours behind in winter. Our Admins in AZ generally answer texts from 8AM to 9 PM. Sometimes Admins in other areas of the country may answer texts to the groups during the “off” times.

One-Individual WhatsApp Texting:
7325-YOSHON (Lakewood, NJ area code, but located in AZ)

One-on-One What’sApp Texting Link:
Individual WhatsApp Texting WhatsApp Groups: Our WhatsApp Groups are extremely popular, and WhatsApp only limits each group to 257 members. Membership is free, and available on a first come first serve basis. (See above for texting times.) We ask that you please limit your membership to only one group at a time, unless you are an Admin,  Mashgiach or someone assigned to post information regularly.

To Join a WhatsApp Group:
Note, for security reasons, we will not add members to a group. Members can join by clicking on an official WA link. Links can be shared with others, but once a group reaches a capacity of 257, WA does not allow any more members. (Check back from time to time if you want to be on a specific group.) We now have implemented a screening process for new members to join. They must go through our WhatsApp Police Bot, which keeps the links private. To go through our screening process, please click on this link: WAPBot. WA Group Rules: The groups are dedicated solely to the topic of yoshon. There are no deviations allowed, including charity or tehillim requests.

Any unrelated and/or argumentative posts will be flagged as inappropriate and the offender will be removed. The groups are meant to be constructive, and any instances of one person ridiculing another’s minhag or view will result in an immediate ban from the groups.

Such items as posting unrelated videos, random items for sale, or anything deviating from the topic of yoshon will result in a private warning first, and if the post in question is not removed, it may result in removal from the group.

Link Sharing: We ask that all our group members refrain from posting the invitation links online in any websites or public forums. We strive to keep our groups safe from spam. Links should only be shared with trusted individuals, or on the WhatsApp group you are in.

Updated As Of:
October 3, 2021