Spring Valley Dairy Blintzes

Packing Date Code: 2443MM (244=day, 3=year, MM=Unimportant)

Applies to all sizes of Dairy Spring Valley Blintzes, including Apple Caramel, and Chocolate Chip Cheese flavor; and all types of Cheese Blintzes in Pre-fried, Brunch, Low-Sugar, or Lacey Leaf; and Crepe Cheese Blintzes in Buffet or Pillow Shape. Also applies to Cholov Yisrael Cheese Blintzes.

Note: All but one of these flavors is Cholov Stam.

Updated As Of:
October 3, 2023


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TYNI Research

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813801000458, 813801000496, 813801000724, 813801001141, 813801001325, 813801001332, 813801002315, 813801003176, 813801003664, 813801003718, 813801004562, 813801004920, 813801006580, 813801009697