Of Tov Frozen Breaded Chicken (Made in Israel)

Status: Yoshon

Applies to all types and sizes (both in consumer and case quantity) of Of Tov Breaded Chicken products, including French Fry Chicken, Sesame and Grilled Tenders, Breast and Chicklicious Nuggets, and Meat Balls.
Also includes all special shapes such as Rings, Teddy Bites, Yummy Numbers, Fry Sticks.
Also applies to all Cutlets, including Boneless (Whole Muscle), Dinosaur, Extra Crispy, and Extra Thin.

Updated As Of:
March 3, 2024



Additional Information


Meat, Glatt Kosher

Grain Ingredient


Kosher Supervision

Badatz Mehadrin and OU

Yoshon Hashgacha

Badatz Mehadrin and OU

Update Source

TYNI Research

UPC Bar Code

083076726036, 083076726074, 083076826460, 083076826477, 083076826662, 083076826729, 083076826804, 083076826828, 664536526510, 664636526428, 664636526718, 664636526893, 664636726040, 664636726224, 664636826306, 664636826481, 664636826771, 664636872600, 664636872601, 664636882631, 083076826552, 083076827436