M&M’s Pretzel

Packing Date Code: 131ZZZZ or Lower  (1=yr, 31=week 31 or July 30, ZZZZ=Unimportant) 

Applies to all size packages of M&M’s Pretzel, including Original Pretzel, or Snowball White Pretzel.

Note: This difficult-to-decipher code shows the first digit as the year, then the week number (second 2 digits of code) where the cutoff date for wheat falls. Anything after these 3 digits is unimportant.

Updated As Of:
November 23, 2021

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Brands: M&M/Mars


Additional Information

Shelf Life

52 weeks

Grain Ingredient

Wheat and Barley Malt


Dairy, Cholov Stam

Kosher Supervision


Update Source

TYNI Research

UPC Bar Code

040000380955, 040000380962, 040000395300, 040000402657, 040000446514, 040000467106, 040000502654, 040000511380, 040000513070, 040000546511, 040000572794, 040000575054