Len’z Best Flours

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BF After Code: Packing Date Code: 24 SEP 1 BF (24=day, SEP=mo, 1=yr [2021], BF=Plant Code)
KC After Code:
Packing Date Code: 09 AUG 1 KC (09=day, AUG=mo, 1=yr, KC=Plant Code)
Other Plant Codes: Packing Date Code: 30 JUL 1 ZZ (30=day, JUL=mo, 1=yr, ZZ= Any Other Plant Codes)

Applies to all sizes and types of Restaurant Depot’s Len’z Best Food Service Flours, including Hi Ratio Cake, and Premium High Gluten Good for Pizza, and All-Purpose Hotel & Restaurant (H&R).

Updated As Of:
October 12, 2021





Additional Information

Shelf Life

12 months

Grain Ingredient

Wheat (May contain Barley Malt)



Kosher Supervision


Update Source

TYNI Research

UPC Bar Code

760695000159, 760695002955, 760695010820, 760695018260, 760695030811