Fry's Vegetarian Products with Wheat (Made in South Africa)

Packing Date Code: 30 11 20

Updated As Of: February 3, 2021

Applies to all Fry’s Meat-Free Vegetarian Foods containing Wheat, including the following Sausages- Braai-Style Country Herb, Spicy, Traditional, Smoked Hot Dogs, Roasted Red Onion & Cracked Black Pepper, Sundried Tomato & Dairy Free Cheese, Cocktail Rolls, and Vegetarian Polony/Slicing; the following Burgers- Original, Traditional, Quinoa & Brown Rice Protein, Quinoa & Fresh Cilantro Falafel, Quinoa Falafel, Asian Spiced, and Chicken-Style; the following Strips- Thick Cut Chunky, Rice Protein & Chia Stir-Fry Strips, Vegan Wok & Stew, Rice Protein & Quinoa Stir Fry, and Chicken-Style; the following Chicken-style items- Soy & Flaxseed Schnitzels, Golden Crumbed Schnitzel, Battered-Style Pieces, Chicken-Style Nuggets, Vegan Louisiana Tenders, and Rice Protein & Chia Nuggets; the following Pies- Country Mushroom, Pepper Steak Style, Curry, Hearty Vegetarian Cottage, and Mutton Style Curry; and the following miscellaneous items- Soy & Quinoa Family Roast, Crispy Prawns, Original Gourmet Deli Slices, Korma Curry Pieces, Meat Free Pops, and Veggie Mince.



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Additional information

Grain Ingredient





UOS (Union of Orthodox Synagogues of South Africa)

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UOS of South Africa

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