Duncan Hines Parve Cake Mix

Date Code: Aug 15, 2020

Updated As Of: September 11, 2019

Applies to all Kosher Parve Duncan Hines Cake Mixes including Classic Devil’s Food, Classic Dark Chocolate Fudge, Classic White, Classic Yellow, Classic Butter Golden, Classic Butter Fudge, Signature French Vanilla, Signature Fudge Marble, Signature Swiss Chocolate, Signature Orange Supreme, Signature Pineapple Supreme, Signature German Chocolate, Signature Confetti, Signature Spice, Signature Strawberry Supreme, Signature Lemon Supreme, Signature Banana Supreme, Signature Coconut Supreme, Signature Red Velvet, Signature Blue Velvets, Signature Pink Velvets, Signature Angel Food, Limited Edition Autumn Velvets, Limited Edition Holiday Velvets, Perfect Size Lemon Bliss Cake Mix & Frosting, and Perfect Size Chocolate Lover’s Cake Mix & Frosting.

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Duncan Hines




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12 months



Grain Ingredient




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644209307494, 644209307500, 644209307562, 644209307579, 644209307586, 644209307593, 644209404100, 644209410651, 644209410859, 644209411009, 644209411252, 644209411351, 644209411757, 644209411856, 644209411900, 644209412006, 644209412105, 644209412204, 644209412303, 644209412402, 644209412709, 644209412853, 644209412952, 644209414550, 644209419005, 644209425167

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