Yoshon.com contains far more information than just Date Codes! It shows sample pictures of products, to help you know what to look for. It has an example of the Hechsher found on the package, and it tells which of the 5 Grains are in the product ingredients.  All this is listed in a tab called "Additional Info" on any given product page. Any time there is new information on a product, it will be updated ASAP. The latest time of update will appear under the product's title where it says, "Additional Information Updated On: [Whatever Date]..." .

The instructions for using our site are as follows:

1. Do a Search: Type your search term or item in the "Search" box, and hit "Enter".


2. Find Your Product: When an entry's product image shows up, click on "Read More" or the product image. (If a product is not found, we don't have any information on it.)









3. Scroll to View the Information: (Pick whether you have a computer or mobile device, as they differ slightly.)

Computers: Scroll down slightly, and to the right of the picture will be "Description" (shows the Hechsher) and "Additional Info".

Mobile Devices: Scroll down until after the brand name logo of the product. It will then show "Description", then "Additional Info".


4. Look Up Date Codes and Yoshon Status: Click on "Additional Info", and it will show you the Date Code or if the product is Yoshon. It shows many other things as well. (See below.)


Where to Find It:

When you click on "Description", you will see the Hechsher found on the product.

When you click on "Additional Info", you will see items in the following order:

Date Code: (If there is a Packing Date Code, it is usually explained how to calculate the code. If it is dated with a "Best By" Date, it will be Yoshon only before that date.)

- OR -yoshonhashgachamobile

Status: (Tells whether a product is Yoshon or Chodosh. It will often stipulate that the word "Yoshon" must be printed on the package in
order to be considered Yoshon.)

Shelf Life: (If applicable. Sometimes this info is provided to us, sometimes not. If we have a Shelf Life it will be provided, as this can help determine the status of a product.)

Designation: (Parve, Pas Yisroel, Dairy, Cholov Yisroel, Glatt Kosher Meat, etc.)

Grain Ingredient: (Wheat, Oats, Barley, Spelt, Rye, Barley Malt, or No problematic ingredients.)

Hechsher: (One or more)

Yoshon Hashgacha: (If applicable)

Why a Different Product Can Be Displayed in a Specific Search

A Word About "Like-Kind" Products: Often, a brand has similar products with the exact same grain ingredients having the same Date Code will be listed together under one product. A good example is pasta (shown below). If you searched for a certain brand of pasta in Spaghetti, it may come up as the same brand, but showing a picture of Tricolor Penne. This is due to brands having multiple pasta shapes, but all share the same ingredients and Date Codes. When there are a great variety of shapes, all these "like-kind" products will be listed, so that if one of them are searched for it will come up. Any products with different ingredients or different Date Codes are always entered separately. The same thing holds true for other products such as cereals. They may not have the same exact ingredients, but if they share the same problematic grain ingredients and Date Code, they may be listed together. This is true for Yoshon items or items with No problematic ingredients as well.likekindproductssearch872x600

Specific Questions

Yoshon.com: If there are any questions about our site, please contact us at Info@YoshonNetwork.org.

Halachic/Yoshon Questions: If you have Halachic questions about products or don't see a product on our site, please contact Project Chodosh at yherman20@gmail.com.

Specific Product Questions: If you have questions about a certain product, or know of a product made by a certain company, go to the Menu and click on "Brands". (For mobile devices, click on the box with the lines in the upper right corner to view the menu.)  The "Brands" page shows a carousel of brand logos in alphabetical order. Click on the logo you need, and it will take you to that brand's website (if there is one). If you are looking at a certain product, you can also click on the brand's logo to go to their site. Usually a site will have their current contact information on a Contact Brand/Manufacturer page.