San Giorgio Pasta

Date Code: Aug 20 23

Updated As Of: September 21, 2020

Applies to all types of San Giorgio Pasta, including Alphabets, Angel Hair Capellini, Cavatappi, Cut Ziti, Mac Spirals, Medium Shell, Orzo, Pastina, Penne Rigati, Pot Pie Bows, Ridged Macaroni, Rings, Shell Mac, Spaghettini, Tri Color Rotini, Twirls, Linguine, Rigatoni, Medium Shells, Small Shells, Cut Fettuccini, Wheels, Curl Roni, Elbow Roni, Elbows Heavy Wall, Jumbo Elbows, Jumbo Shells, Mac Twirls, Smooth Mostaccioli, Wagon Wheels, Ziti Rigati, Radiatore, Pot Pie Bows, Rippled Edge Lasagna, Elbow Macaroni, Large Elbows, Cappellini, Farfalle (Italian Bows), Lasagna, Mostaccioli, Mostaccioli Rigati, Rainbow Twirl, Rigatoni, Rotini, Trio Italiano, Tubettini, Vermicelli, Mostaccioli Ridged, Manicotti, Fusilli, Smooth Lasagna, Rotelle, Acini De Pepe, Elbows, Garden Style Twirls, Rainbow Shells, Shell Roni, Large Shells, Small Rigatoni, Thin Spaghetti, Ziti, Ditalini, Ribbed Lasagna, Spaghetti, Macaroni Spirals, Mixed Spirals, Cut Vermicelli, Choo Choo Wheels, Smooth Lasagna, Tri Color Penne, Tricolor Rotini, Angel Hair,Bow Ties, Capellini Angel Hair, Ditalini, Fettuccine, Spinach Fettuccini/Fettuccine Florentine, Heavy Elbow, Jumbo Shell, Linguini, Mafalda, Non Egg Pastina, Ridged Mostaccioli, Roni Mac, Rotelle, Ziti Cut, and Cut Heavy Wall Ziti.




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Additional information

Shelf Life

3 years

Grain Ingredient






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