Ostreicher’s Wheat Cookies

Status: Yoshon (With “Yoshon” Label Only)

Applies to all size packages of Ostreicher’s Cookies made with Wheat, including all types of Chocolate Chip such as Original, Calmintol, Choco Choco-Chip, Choco-Chip Mini, and Whole Wheat; Caramel Chip, Swiss Chip, Almond Coconut, French, Honey, Lemon, Marble, or Vanilla; and Sugar Free in Almond, Chocolate Chip, or Lemon flavors.

Updated As Of:
October 30, 2022


bdnewsquare63x65  OR    ou225x2250

Additional Information

Grain Ingredient

Wheat (may contain Barley Malt)



Kosher Supervision

OU and New Square Kashrus

Yoshon Hashgacha

New Square Kashrus

Update Source

New Square Kashrus, Guide to Chodosh

UPC Bar Code

026046010001, 026046070005, 076046010044, 076046010075, 726046003057, 726046016002, 726046017009, 726046020009, 726046030008, 726046040007, 726046060005, 726046080003, 726046120013, 726046120068, 726046120082, 726046120716