Gefen Cold Pesach Cereals (Made in Israel)

Status: Yoshon

Applies to any Kosher for Passover Gefen, including King Krunch, and all Krispy Krunch cereals such as Fruity or Choco Pops, and Honey, Fruity, or Chocolate Rings.

Updated As Of:
November 25, 2021


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Additional Information

Grain Ingredient

No problematic ingredients


Parve, Kosher for Pesach

Kosher Supervision

OU-P, the Volover Rav, and Badatz Eida HaChareidus of Yerushalayim

Yoshon Hashgacha

Badatz Eida HaChareidus of Yerushalayim

Update Source

Guide to Chodosh

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710069316706, 710069316713, 710069316720, 710069316737