Frankel’s Frozen Dairy Products

Status: Yoshon (With “Yoshon” Label Only)

Applies to all Dairy Frankel’s Home Style products, including Italian Style Cheese Ravioli, Pizzarogies, Pizza Snaps, Pizza Balls, Pizzarogies, Cheese Blintzes, Cheese Pierogies, Stuffed Cheese Shells,  Cheese Blintzes, Cheesecake, and Marble Cheesecake.

Updated As Of:
December 23, 2023


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Additional Information

Grain Ingredient

Wheat (may contain Barley Malt)


Dairy, Cholov Stam

Kosher Supervision


Yoshon Hashgacha

R. Yechiel Babad

Update Source

TYNI Research

UPC Bar Code

607984010058, 607984030018, 607984030155, 607984050016