Subscription for Printed Copies of the Guide

This fillable form has been updated and improved! Follow these instructions: Download the form and save it to your computer. Fill it out by checking the boxes and typing in the fields. Once it has been completely filled out, you must save it again, or it will remain blank! Only after saving the completed form can you then print it out. Last, send it either by snail mail or fax to Project Chodosh, to the address/number on the form.
(For those who like the old fashioned method, it can also be printed directly and then filled out by hand.)

To purchase a subscription for a hard copy of the printed “Guide to Chodosh”, download and print the order form. Fill out the order form, and either fax it to Project Chodosh at 845-746-4205, or mail it to them with your check. Be sure to include your full name, address and phone number. A subscription is: $18 for US delivery; US $20 for Canadian addresses; or US $25 for Israel and overseas destinations. Prices include mailed updates.
Note: Your order goes to Project Chodosh, NOT The Yoshon Network Inc. We merely provide the form to download for your convenience. If you do not receive your printed version of the Guide, please contact Project Chodosh at The Yoshon Network has nothing to do with copies of the printed Guide.