Project Chodosh Donation Form

This fillable form has been updated and improved! Follow these instructions: Download the form and save it to your computer. Fill it out by checking the boxes and typing in the fields. Once it has been completely filled out, you must save it again, or it will remain blank! Only after saving the completed form can you then print it out. Last, send it either by snail mail or fax to Project Chodosh, to the address/number on the form.
(For those who like the old fashioned method, it can also be printed directly and then filled out by hand.)

Note: Although Project Chodosh is not affiliated with The Yoshon Network Inc., we decided to help their cause by offering a Donation Form to help support their important work. TYNI may not exist if it weren’t for their inspirational example.
In a message to email subscribers, as Rabbi Herman zt”l once stated, “…Project Chodosh would appreciate donations from those who are downloading the Guide by email. This is not mandatory. Those who do not wish to make any donation should still feel free to download and use the Guide…”