Zerega Regular Pasta

Date Code: Best By AUG 27 24
Packing Date Code: 2392 (239=AUG 27, 2=2022)

Applies to all regular Zerega pasta products, including ABC’s, Acini Di Pepe, Angel Hair, Animals, Large Bows, Cartwheels, Small, and Medium Cartwheels; Cavatappi, Large Cavatappi, Cavatelli, Ciufetti, Creste Di Gallo, Discs, Ditalini, Ditalini Rigati; Large and Small Dumplings, Large, Industrial, Heavy, and Curly Elbows, Elbow Rigati, Fettuccine, Spinach, Ruffled, and Short Fettuccine, Fusilli, Ribbed Lasagna, Lasagna, Lasagna Bits, Linguine, Short Linguine, Thin Curly Mac, Mafalda, Orecchiette, Orzo, Pastina, Penne, Triangular Penne, Persiatelli, Pizza Shapes, Pot Pie Squares, Quadruple O’s, Coiled Ribbons, Small and Large Rings, Salad Sticks, Stars, Large Stars, Small Tubettini, Radiatore, Large Radiatore, Short Spaghetti, Thin Spaghetti, Thin Wall Elbow Spaghetti, Spirals, Tri Color Spirals, Strozzapreti, Tubettini, Vermicelli, and Angel Hair Vermicelli.

Updated As Of:
November 24, 2022

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Brands: Zerega



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2 years



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