Tradition Instant Noodle Soup in Cups or Bowls

Status: Yoshon

Applies to all flavors of Tradition Instant Noodle Soups in Cups or Bowls, including Chicken Flavor, Fat Free Chicken Flavor, Reduced Sodium Chicken Flavor, Chicken Flavor (No MSG), Chicken Flavor, Tomato Flavor, Beef Flavor, Beef Flavor (No MSG), and Vegetable Flavor.

Note: The Kosher for Passover Gluten-Free Creamy Chicken Flavor contains no problematic ingredients and is always Yoshon.

Updated As Of:
October 25, 2023


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Brands: Tradition


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Additional Information

Shelf Life

2 years

Grain Ingredient




Kosher Supervision

Kof-K and New Square Kashrus

Update Source

Kof-K, OU

UPC Bar Code

735375310019, 735375320018, 735375330017, 735375434005, 735375601254, 735375602251, 735375603258, 735375604255, 735375606259, 735375607256, 735375608253, 735375609250