Toufayan Pita Bread, Flatbread and Wraps

Packing Date Code 244 3 A1 (244=SEP 1, 3=2023, A 1= Unimportant)

Applies to the following items:
Pita: Classic White, Whole Wheat, or Sweet Onion.
Pitettes: Whole Wheat
Mini Pitettes: Classic or Whole Wheat.
Smart Pockets: Original ONLY.
Tortillas: Soft Taco Style.
Wraps: Classic Plain, Garlic Pesto, Savory Spinach, Sundried Tomato, or Whole Wheat.
Tandoori Naan Flatbreads: Original or Garlic.

Note: Code is found in bold on the Quik Lock tag that seals the product.

Updated As Of:
September 11, 2023


Additional Information

Grain Ingredient

Wheat (may contain Barley Malt)



Kosher Supervision


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TYNI Research

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073124001062, 073124002069, 073124003219, 073124003233, 073124004018, 073124004025, 073124004049, 073124004056, 073124004124, 073124004155, 073124005060, 073124005183, 073124005626, 073124005633, 073124007941