TAP Parve Muffins (Under Kehilah Kashrus)

Status: Yoshon 

Applies to all types and package sizes (including individually wrapped) of TAP Muffins certified by Kehilah Kashrus of Flatbush. Flavors include White Chocolate, Honey, Double Chocolate Chip, Chip, Marble, Cappuccino, and Corn.

Updated As Of:
November 21, 2023


Additional Information

Grain Ingredient

Oats and Wheat



Kosher Supervision

Kehilah Kashrus of Flatbush

Yoshon Hashgacha

Kehilah Kashrus of Flatbush

Update Source

Kehilah Kashrus of Flatbush

UPC Bar Code

040232519000, 040232519017, 040232519024, 040232519031, 040232519048