Sasko Flour (Made in South Africa)

Packing Date/Status: See Below (Letters Appear at End of First Line)

Plant Code “B”: W45 2021 11 (W=Unimportant, 45=Week, 2021=Yr., 11=Day)
Plant Code “D”:
W48 2021 02 (W=Unimportant, 48=Week, 2021=Yr, 02=Day)
Plant Code “KR”:
W44 2021 02 (W=Unimportant, 44=Week, 2021=Yr., 02=Day)
Plant Code “M”:
W44 2021 07 (W=Unimportant, 44=Week, 2021=Yr., 07=Day)
Plant Code “PE”:
W45 2021 08 (W=Unimportant, 45=Week, 2021=Yr., 08=Day)

Applies to all sizes and types of Sasko Flours, including Cake, White Bread, Brown Bread, Self Raising, and Bran-Rich Self Raising.

Updated As Of:
February 21, 2022


Additional Information

Grain Ingredient




Kosher Supervision

UOS (Union of Orthodox Synagogues of South Africa)

Update Source

UOS of South Africa