Robin Hood Bread Flour (Made in Canada)

See Below for Specific Plant Code Dates:

Plant Code 547: Packing Date Code: 3 268 or Lower is Yoshon. (3=2023, 268=SEP 25.)
Plant Code 640: Packing Date Code: 3 256 or Lower is Yoshon. (3=2023, 256=SEP 13.)
Plant Code 715: Packing Date Code: 3 238 or Lower is Yoshon. (3=2023, 238=AUG 26.)

Applies to all types of Robin Hood Best for Bread  Flours with Plant Code 547 ONLY, including Homestyle White, Multigrain (contains rye), and Whole Wheat.

Updated As Of:
March 21, 2024



Additional Information

Grain Ingredient

Wheat (may contain Barley)



Kosher Supervision


Update Source

COR of Canada, MK of Canada

UPC Bar Code

059000015194, 059000015217, 059000015224