Pretzilla Soft Pretzel Bites and Buns

Date Code: Best By SEP 11 2023
Status: Yoshon (With Yoshon Label Only)

Applies to all size packages of Pretzilla products, including Pretzilla Bites, and Burger, Sausage, or Mini Buns.

Note: Does not apply to Cheese Filled Bites, which are not kosher.

Updated As Of:
March 3, 2024


Additional Information

Shelf Life

10 days

Grain Ingredient

Wheat and Barley Malt



Kosher Supervision

Chicago Rabbinical Council (cRc)

Update Source

TYNI Research

UPC Bar Code

673316036515, 673316036539, 673316036560, 673316036584, 673316084400, 673316084660, 673316194727, 673316194734