Pas Yisroel Baked Goods

Status: Yoshon (with “Yoshon” Label ONLY)

Note: If the item does not say “Yoshon” on the package, it is NOT yoshon once the chodosh season has started.
Applies to all parve Pas Yisroel bakery products, including the following:
Bread: White or Whole Wheat Pita, Brooklyn Bred Bistro Sticks, and Panini Flatbreads.
Buns: Deluxe and Regular Burger, Slider, Frank (Hot Dog), Whole Wheat Slim, and Pas Yisroel Brooklyn Bred Country Potato Bistro.
Desserts: Chocolate or Cinnamon Squares, Cupcake Tops, Chocolate Doughnuts, and Individually Wrapped Chocolate or Cinnamon Buns, Brookies, Black & Whites, and. (Also see Pas Yisroel’s Dairy entry.)
Muffins: 100% Whole Wheat or Regular English Muffins.
Pizza Crust: 5 Pas Yisroel Pizza Crusts, and Pas Yisroel Brooklyn Bred in Neapolitan, Thin or Traditional.
Wraps: Slimmer’s 80 Calorie Low Carb Wheat, Natural Lavash Roll-Ups in Plain, Flax, or Whole Wheat.

Updated As Of:
August 26, 2021



Additional Information

Grain Ingredient



Parve, Pas Yisroel

Kosher Supervision

Tartikover Beis Din and OK

Yoshon Hashgacha

Tartikover Beis Din

Update Source

OK Kosher

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071628439992, 071628467490, 071628631426, 071628661324, 071628809146, 071628823210, 071628829212, 736613101109, 736613101154, 736613101215, 736613101222, 736613101277, 736613102151, 851858003190, 851858003206, 851858003329, 851858003336, 851858003343, 851858003350, 851858003374, 851858335086