Meal Mart Frozen Parve Products with Wheat

Status: Yoshon

Applies to all sizes of frozen Parve Meal Mart Side Dishes, Appetizers and Hors D’oeuvres containing Wheat, such as Matzoh Balls, Shlishkes, Soufflé and large Kugels in Apple, Jerusalem, Sweet, or Salt & Pepper Noodle; regular and Mini Egg Rolls; Mini Knish and Potato Puffs; Vegan Falafel Balls; and Gefilte Fish.

Updated As Of:
December 18, 2023


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Additional Information

Grain Ingredient

Wheat (may contain Barley Malt)



Kosher Supervision

OU and Rabbi Aaron Teitelbaum (the Nirbater Rav)

Yoshon Hashgacha

Rabbi Aaron Teitelbaum (the Nirbater Rav) and OU

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UPC Bar Code

051328100187, 051328100194, 051328107186, 051328107193, 051328107209, 051328107216, 051328107322, 051328107353, 051328107360, 051328107636, 051328107643, 051328507597, 051328707805, 051328711789, 051328711833, 051328714803, 051328714810, 051328999095, 051328507566