Catelli Regular "White" Pasta with MK (Made in Canada)

Date Code: 289A7 or lower

Updated As Of: March 4, 2019

Applies to all Catelli Regular “White” Pastas in all shapes and sizes, including 375 g Capelli D’Alngelo/Angel Hair, 500 g and 900 g Spaghettini, 500 g and 900 g Spaghetti, 900 g Linguini, 500 g Fettuccine, 375 g Stars, 265 g Alphabets, 375 g Rings, 500 g Tortiglioni, 500 g, 900 g, and 2 kg Ready Cut Macaroni, 500g Large Shells, 500 g Fusilli, 700 g Rotini, 375 g Small Bows, 700 g Medium Bows, 375 g Bow Ties, 700 g Large Bows, 500 g Gemelli, 500 g and 700 g Penne Rigate, 225 g Manicotti, 500 g Lasagna, and 375 g Soup Noodles.

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Additional Info

Additional information

Shelf Life

2 years



Grain Ingredient

Wheat (Smart Pasta may contain Oats)


Montreal Kosher (MK)

Update Source

MK of Canada

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