Blinzi Frozen Dairy Products

Status: Yoshon (With “Yoshon” Label Only)

Applies to all sizes of Dairy Blinzi products, including all Pancakes, such as Butter, and all with Chocolate Chips; French Toast; all Latkes, such as Homestyle Cheese, or Mini Cheese; all Crepes, such as Sweet Blintz Crepes, or Crepe Shells; and all flavors of Blintzes, such as Cheese Strawberry, Cheese Blueberry, Caramel Apple, Chocolate Hazelnut Banana, Eggroll, Potato, Pizza, and Blinz Shells.

Updated As Of:
December 1, 2023


Additional Information

Grain Ingredient



Dairy, Bishul Yisroel

Kosher Supervision

Central Rabbinical Congress (CRC) and OU-D

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658448230000, 658448230017, 658448230024, 658448230109