Beigel's Individually Wrapped Items

Status: Yoshon (Even Without A "Yoshon" Label)

Updated As Of: September 21, 2020

Applies to Beigel’s individually wrapped items in the following types with or without UPC Bar Codes:
Cookies– Black and White, China, Chocolate Sandwich (Whoopie Pie), Color Sprinkle, Gourmet Chip (Chocolate Chip), and Hamantashen.
Pastries and Cakes– Chocolate, or Cinnamon Rugelach, Chocolate, Vanilla, or Cinnamon Danish, Pastry Swirl, Mini Meltaway, Chocolate Babka, Jumbo Cupcake Top, and Chocolate Fudge Bar.
Also applies to individually wrapped items for airlines, hospitals, and institutions without any UPC Barcodes, in the following types:
Danishes– Chocolate, Cinnamon, or Vanilla in Regular or Sugar-Free.
Cookies– in Regular or Sugar-Free Chocolate Chip.
Bread and Rolls – Bread and Mezonos Bagels; Rolls in Dinner style, regular size or Mini Onion, Poppyseed, Mini Pumpernickel, Mini Pocket Onion, Kaiser, and Club.
Note: Status does NOT apply to Cookies sold in containers.



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Additional Info

Additional information

Grain Ingredient



Parve, Pas Yisroel


OK and CRC

Yoshon Hashgacha


Update Source

Guide to Chodosh

UPC Barcode

736613131502, 736613131588, 736613134299, 736613136217, 736613519386, 736613630258, 736613631194, 736613654926, 736613131250, 736613131526, 736613133094, 736613219347, 736613219514

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