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Updates & Downloads

Shana Tovah to All from The Yoshon Network Inc. (TYNI), Wishing Everyone a Sweet New Year! YOSHON.COM NEWS: The Site is Starting to Slowly Be Updated as Info Comes In.Anything “Updated As Of” August 1, 2023 is Current. Updates as of:9/14/23: Unedited Preliminary Guide (Use At Your Own Risk!)9/14/23: Star-K Quick Reference, MK Canada#2, KLBD […]

Yoshon Establishments

Many establishments such as restaurants, bakeries, and caterers can be found in the back of the “Guide to Chodosh”. Others can be found in information provided by the kosher certification agencies listed below in the downloadable pdfs. On a more local level, please contact any certifying agencies that are not listed below, as we do […]

Starting to “Keep Yoshon”

When is the Best Time to Start Keeping Yoshon? Right after Passover, when everything becomes Yoshon. Any grains sprouted from the second day of Pesach and later are considered “chodosh” according to Vayikra [Leviticus] 23:14. One can eat anything out, and almost all products on the grocery shelves are Yoshon. (The exception is according to […]

The Yoshon.com App

The Official Yoshon.com Mobile App is Available on both Google Play and the App Store! Click on the applicable Badge below to go to download your copy to your phone. Please be sure to rate our app and submit your review! If you are interested in the Survey Stats from the app survey we had […]


Below are links to helpful sites, grouped by category. Keeping Yoshon Date Calculator Site: Add or subtract shelf life times to get best by and manufacturing dates. Food for Life Date Calculator: Scroll to the bottom to find out when Food for Life’s products like Ezekiel 4:9 Bread was made. OK Certification Yoshon Product Search: […]

What is “Yoshon”?

The Mitzvah of “Keeping Yoshon” Yoshon is defined as “old”, referring to grain. Although “yoshon” means “old”, it certainly does not mean “stale”! It applies to the five special grains of Israel- Wheat, Barley, Spelt, Rye and Oats. This mitzvah is based on the Biblical law from Vayikra (Leviticus) 23:14. A special offering of barley […]

Date Codes Explained

Our site displays the Date Codes of various products. This Date Code is the “Chodosh Code” (as termed by the Guide to Chodosh) which is the date in which a product becomes Chodosh. This is always determined by the Packing or Manufacturing Date of a product. Packing Date Codes (sometimes known as “Lot Codes”) are  […]

Buying Yoshon Online

For those living in larger Jewish communities, this is easy. Some places have websites that can be ordered and have fresh products delivered to your door if it is within a certain delivery area. For the rest of us, being able to find specifically “always-yoshon” Jewish brand products can sometimes be a challenge. Therefore, The […]

Hechsher Info

This page is a basic reference of hechsherim and kashrut agencies that appear in at least two or more products on our site. They are grouped together by their policies on yoshon. Any hechsherim not listed, fall into the last category of their yoshon policies being “unknown”. This page provides all of their known contact […]