For decades, people have been using Project Chodosh’s “Guide to Chodosh” to be able to figure out if their products are yoshon or not. was created to be an online source, making up for what the Guide was not allowed to do. It must be stated that our site simply could not have existed without all the hard work and dedication of the Guide’s creator Rabbi Yoseph Herman zt”l, and his organization.

His efforts are to be applauded, and although he and Project Chodosh were/are totally unaffiliated with The Yoshon Network Inc./, it must be acknowledged that we would have never existed without him, and still could not exist without the Guide’s valuable information.

As a tribute to his memory, we are making the special booklet available on this page that had been created for his first yartzeit by his family members. Anyone wishing to view it can do so by clicking on the Download button below.

Rabbi Herman’s Yartzeit Booklet in PDF.

This Year 5784 Is The Very Last Guide to Chodosh!"

So What Happens Next?

Since Project Chodosh announced they will be scaling back/stopping, the kashrus agencies have stepped in and are providing us here at The Yoshon Network Inc. (TYNI) with actual dates and information directly from the manufacturing companies, so we will no longer need to rely on general estimates.

Any general estimate dates we use for companies that we can’t get specific info from, are based on actual manufacturing times, and not harvest forecasts, which is what the Guide had always been based on in the past. This is why the dates we are providing now, are much later than before, but they are extremely accurate since they are not merely estimates.

Using "A Guide to Chodosh"

Although The Yoshon Network Inc. is not affiliated with the Guide or Project Chodosh, we do report information from the Guide.

We offer a download of the Guide, any Bulletin Updates (see Updates & Downloads), and as a courtesy to our visitors, we offer a menu to help them navigate the Project Chodosh Hotline.

This year, Project Chodosh sent out a letter along with the Preliminary Guide. It said the following:

Dear Chodosh Subscribers,

In an effort for everyone to receive the guide before Yom Tov we are sending it now but please be aware that the editing process is not yet complete and a final version will be published as soon as it is available.

We are now asking that all those who receive the guide by email or download pay by going to  

Sponsorships are now available by contacting Mrs. Rosskamm directly at

Reminder: Please do not reply to this email. It will not be seen. All correspondence can be sent to

Kesivah V’Chasima Tova

Mrs. Rosskamm

Using the Project Chodosh Hotline:

Beginning July 1, 2021, questions called in to the hotline (718-305-5133) will be answered once a week, on Sunday or Monday nights.

The Hotline has a complex system of recorded messages. Leave a recording of your question, and call back after 11:00 AM (Eastern Time) Sunday through Friday, or after Shabbat. They keep recorded answers to specific questions on the system for about 1 week. To navigate their phone menu, see the appropriate panels below.

Project Chodosh Texting Service:

Project Chodosh has introduced a new texting service. Questions can be texted to the service at 914-522-0096 and will be answered by text each evening. At the same time, the Chodosh Hotline will be gradually phased out.

Do You Have Yoshon or Chodosh Questions? and the Yoshon Network will not answer Halachic questions. If you have a question, please ask a Rav. If you have a product question, you can call the Project Chodosh 24 hour Chodosh Hot Line at 718-305-5133. They can also be reached by email, at

Get "The Guide"!

The latest edition of “A Guide to Chodosh” is always available for download on our “Updates & Downloads” page.

A copy is also available electronically to your personal email. Send an e-mail to: or with something meaningful in the subject and the message (otherwise the spam filter may reject it). Either automated system should e-mail a PDF  file to you.

When the new issue of “A Guide to Chodosh” is available in hard copy, (see below) it can be purchased from Project Chodosh via USPS mail.

Paid Subscriptions:

To receive a hard copy of the Guide by USPS mail, you can pay in two different ways.
By Check: There is 1 Preliminary issue and 1 final issue of “A Guide to Chodosh” every season. The cost is $25 (overseas $30, Canada and Mexico $25).

To obtain a hard copy of the new Guide by mail:
Download the “Guide to Chodosh” Subscription Form to order via check or credit card. Please fill in and mail your check with the completed form to:

Project Chodosh,
c/o Mrs. C. Rosskamm,
963 Armstrong Ave,
Staten Island, NY 10308.

By Credit/Debit Cards:

(a) By recorded telephone message: Call 646-278-1189 and record a voice message with the requested information: Your phone number, credit card number and expiration date month and year, your name, and mailing address.

Note Project Chodosh must have your contact phone number or email address so they can contact you in case of questions. They cannot accept subscriptions without this contact information. Without it, your subscription can not be processed and you will not receive a Guide. (Do not leave Chodosh questions or other messages at this number. Use the Hot Line number 718-305-5133 for questions only.)

(b) Fax your credit/debit card information: Download the “Guide to Chodosh” Subscription Form to order via debit or credit card. Please fill in and fax this order form to Project Chodosh’s secure fax site at 888-755-7590. Do not send credit card information by email since email is not secure and your information may be compromised. Do not send credit or debit card info by USPS mail. Orders will not be processed.

Note: NEVER send any checks or credit card information to The Yoshon Network Inc. or We do not publish or mail out the Guide!

Bulletin Updates of the Guide to Chodosh:

To get on the emailing list to receive Bulletin Updates, send an e-mail from your personal email account to:

To see and download the latest Bulletin Updates from our site, go to the Updates & Downloads page.

Donating to Project Chodosh

Although Project Chodosh is not affiliated with The Yoshon Network Inc., we decided long ago to help their cause by offering a Donation Form to help support their important work. TYNI may not exist if it weren’t for their inspirational example, and all the information they provide.

Follow these instructions: Download the Donation form and save it to your computer. Fill it out by checking the boxes and typing in the fields. Once it has been completely filled out, you must save it again, or it will remain blank! Only after saving the completed form can you then print it out. Last, send it either by snail mail or fax to Project Chodosh, to the address/number on the form. (For those who like the old fashioned method, it can also be printed directly and then filled out by hand.)

Project Chodosh recently publicized a PayPal link so that people could more easily send them donations. To donate to Project Chodosh, click on the logo to go to their Pay Pal page.
Donate to Project Chodosh

“…Project Chodosh would appreciate donations from those who are downloading the Guide by email. This is not mandatory. Those who do not wish to make any donation should still feel free to download and use the Guide…”

— Rabbi Yoseph Herman zt”l (From a message to email subscribers)

Updated As Of:
September 20, 2023