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It has taken extensive work, time and research to create our site. It is an ongoing process with constant updates.

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Use our Date Code Database.

To look up a product's Yoshon status, please follow these simple instructions...
(Or for complete visual instructions, go to "How to Use Our Site".)

First, find your item,

by typing the name of the product or its whole UPC (Bar Code) Number in the Search Box and hit "Enter".

When your product appears,

Click on "Read More" or the product image.

Next, when the whole product is shown,

you will see the Date Code or Yoshon status listed underneath the Product Title.

Items can also be looked up by Category.

If an item is not found, we have no information on it.

(It doesn't mean it is not Yoshon.)

To view certification,

scroll down and click on "Description" to see the Hechsher. To View other product details, click on "Additional Info".

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Need to Know How to Keep Yoshon?

The Yoshon Network Inc. recommends the book "Vintage Grain" for those who want to learn everything about the Mitzvah.


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